Systemic Small Molecule TREX1 Inhibitors to Selectively Activate STING in the TME of Metastatic Disease

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Day One


  • Although STING is a critical innate immune receptor, the clinical activity of STING agonists given by intratumoral administration has not compared well to preclinical studies
  • TREX1 is a cytosolic dsDNA exonuclease that modulates the cGAS/STING pathway activation, is a DNA repair enzyme, is upregulated in tumors, and is a target to preferentially activate the STING pathway in the TME
  • Systemic small molecule inhibitors TREX1 confer significant anti-tumor activity in mice given in combination with subtherapeutic doses of doxorubicin and are cytotoxic in DNA repair deficient human tumor cell lines